Losing weight is not an easy task or not a magic that will happen overnight. This a goal that required a lot of sacrifices on your tasty food. But at the same time, you should also be aware of the proper plan of diet and workout. In this article, you will learn about the top 6 Weight Loss Myth. that you may don’t know. Click here to know 1 magical trick to reduce belly fat

1. Workout alone can help you lose weight.

The workout is very important for the body for gaining muscles or for losing weight but holds on… lets clear the weight loss Myth that only exercise will help you to achieve weight loss.

Let me give you an example of a study. when a group of people split into two groups, the first group is using diet+workout and the other group is only focusing on diet. Then as a result we found that the weight loss result is more positive to the first group those who were focusing on both diet and workout.

so here your myth number one is clear the only diet or the only workout is not a smart solution for better health. The most important point is you have to focus on both 80% of the diet and 20% of the workout will give you the best result. Click here to know what is the role of workout in your daily life

2. Eat More Smaller Portions will help to reduce weight

Are you also in a myth that eating six small meals will help you to reduce your weight? Then the answer is an absolute ‘NO‘ our studies find out that there is no link between the amount of meal eaten by a day to your calorie intake.

Metabolism is always improved with each meal you eat there are a lot of studies show that when you comparing three meals a day with around 500 calories whit eating 6 meals a day with 250 calories. Or you can click here to know about how much calories you need.

So the takeaway point for weight loss myth. is that meal really does not matter what matter is that you should focus what best work for you if you prefer snacking on six small best healthy meal a day or eating three big healthy meals a day and fasting all day the choice is up to you only what matter is what you eating not when you eating?

3. Crunch to Six-Pack will help you to lose weight

I know that everyone wants to see their belly to look flat and with those six packs muscles. Just to doing crunches will not give you the ultimate result. yes lets clear this myth, “your muscles are located underneath where you store your belly fat. It likely that you already have great muscles but due to overeating or a bad eating lifestyle, they just are hidden.

So if you are doing tons of crunches hoping to lose your belly fat you are really wasting your time under the Weight Loss Myth… The solution is that you have to focus on your diet+excriess because but just to eating bad quilty food and doing thousands of crunches will not give you result. You have to eat less fatty food with high protein and fiber that help you to build those muscles. Don’t worry if you are vegetarian Click here to know about veg protein sources

4. Never try to lose weight quickly

Have you ever seen someone gaining weight overnight or in just a weak the answer is NO? Let’s focus on the science behind it if you approach the quick weight loss process you will not just harm your body but also it will lead you to a physical problem or any other health issue.

Studs say that a slow and study approach to weight loss is a good experience. it just fine losing more than 2 pounds per week because with this approach you will giving the body proper nutrition and micronutrition that the body is required

As I already mention that only dieting will not help you to lose weight you have to do workout also. So for the same, your body needs energy that comes from the diet you take. So don’t go with an aggressive diet plan like ( juice and fasting ) just remain consistent with the plan which is better and fill with quilty nutrition

weight loss myth

5. You Shouldn’t Eat After 6PM

This is one of the basic rules for everyone who follow dieting but But why..? some nutrient believes that “Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, and dinner like a pauper “. So from then, a large number of people believe that eating after 6 PM will harm your body if you want to lose weight.

Well.. if you also beliving in this then you are living in a myth this popular rule is not true. Studies showed that it not really matter when you eat but what matter is what you eat it just matter of the number of calories you consume.

So the takeaway thing is that you should write down the calories you eat after 6 pm and burn them all to the next day. Eating avocado will be the good option This way you can lose your weight

6. Spend Long Hours In Gym

Unfortunately, this formula never works because it is a myth like the 6 pm rule. It’s not important how many long hours you are working out in the gym it’s like. How much quality workout you did in the gym.

45 min workout is way more sufficient to do a complete workout or you can try a Bootcamp workout plan . If you are under the confusion that what to do and how to do. Then you can choose a trainer which provides you a quality workout program and help you to select the right exercises for your goal.

So it just depends on the quality workout, not a quantity workout that you should you. Always consume almond after a workout


I hope now you understand all these 6 steps that you are following during the weight lose program but they are actually Weight Loss Myth. if you also know any other tips that not actually work during the weight loss goal then please let us in the comment section.


Aditi · September 12, 2020 at 2:41 am

Its really helpful for weight loose Harry. Thnx for your valuable tips..

Jayesh Raghav · January 4, 2021 at 2:07 am

Op bhai. Bohot hard blog hai. Keep it up dude.

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